5 Dumb Ways to Spend your Tax Refund

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Tax refunds can arrive at a convenient time. Some people feel a financial strain right after the holidays. By March and April, some extra money can really help your financial situation. A tax refund can help you jumpstart your savings for the year or pay off some debt or other bills. However, there are quite a few dumb things people use their tax refunds on that won’t help their financial situation...

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Three Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Save Money

Ways to Use Your Tax Refund, extra money
It’s tax season.  For some, that means paying out money, but for many, that means getting a good chunk of change back.  In fact, according to TIME, 75% of Americans receive tax refunds.  Many financial advisors recommend that you change your tax withholding so you don’t get a return. But if your income isn’t that high and you have children, you may always get a tax refund. People...

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Using a windfall to pay off debt

pay off debt, financial windfall, extra money
When I went to do my weekly banking this week, I got a great surprise – an extra $260 from my previous job had been deposited into my account unexpectedly.  I’m not entirely sure why I got paid, but I suspect it’s retroactive pay due to a salary increase that had been in negotiation while I was an employee at the university.  Woohoo! Photo Credit: Images_of_money via Flickr Any...

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Updates: April 15 – 21

I’m off to visit with family this weekend! My Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Alberta, and I haven’t been back to see my parents in ages. I enjoy the trip back as it involves a relaxing ferry ride where I can catch up on my blog reading! Check out a few of the posts below that I’ll be diving into in greater detail on my trip. I have to also take a moment to congratulate CF –...

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