Sleep Number vs. Personal Comfort: A Comparison

alarmLet’s say you and your sleep partner both have very different ideas about what makes a comfortable bed. Perhaps your partner wants a very firm bed, while you prefer a super-soft mattress, or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe you’ve tried to compromise only to find yourselves sleeping on a mattress that satisfies neither of you. What’s a couple to do?

Well, you could continue sleeping on an uncomfortable bed for the rest of your lives, waking up cranky, poorly-rested, and perhaps in pain. But sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t offer your body appropriate support can ruin your health, and your relationship — you’ll both be far less likely to bicker if you’re well-rested and happy. For many couples, an inflatable air bed with dual zone personalization is the answer.

You’re probably familiar with these beds — you’ve probably heard of the Sleep Number Bed, a popular brand of inflatable air bed made by Select Comfort. But what you may not know is that the Sleep Number bed isn’t your only option. There are other companies making quality inflatable air beds, but one of the oldest is Personal Comfort, a company that manufacturers air beds very similar to the ones Select Comfort makes, but with features you can’t get in a Sleep Number bed.

Why Choose an Inflatable Bed?

According to sleep product research site SleepLiketheDead.com, inflatable air beds are some of the highest-rated mattresses in terms of customer satisfaction. Seventy-eight percent of inflatable air bed owners are satisfied with their beds. Owners report that these beds are comfortable, that they relieve back pain, and that they’re easy to move around on. Air bed owners also generally like the dual chambers most air bed models have, which allow each sleeper to adjust the firmness of his or her side of the bed to his or her preference.

Unlike memory or latex foam beds, inflatable air beds are unlikely to give off chemical odors and generally do not sleep hot. These beds are good for back, stomach, or side sleepers. Nor is there any need to rotate or flip these beds.

Pros and Cons of Sleep Number Beds

stretchSleep Number beds by Select Comfort are the most well-known inflatable air beds on the U.S. market. These industry-leading beds offer some of the advantages that people have come to appreciate in inflatable air beds. You can use these mattresses with an adjustable foundation, and they offer the dual personalization that is a selling point for most people in the market for an inflatable air bed. These beds also use 24-gauge vulcanized rubber for their air chambers, just like Personal Comfort beds.

But there’s one big drawback of the Sleep Number bed, and that’s the price. Sleep Number beds are expensive, costing up to $4,000, and come with only a two-year limited warranty. If you need to return the bed, you need to pay for the shipping yourself.

Pros and Cons of Personal Comfort Beds

Personal Comfort may not have the brand recognition of Sleep Number, but they’re one of the oldest manufacturers of inflatable air beds. Personal Comfort has been selling beds since 1973; Select Comfort, since 1987. When you buy a bed from Personal Comfort, you’re getting a much better deal, and not just because Personal Comfort beds cost an average of $700 less than Select Comfort beds. Personal Comfort also offers a lot more standard features, including:

  • A NeverSag guarantee
  • TouchScreen technology
  • Fully replaceable mechanical components
  • Reversible cover
  • Full customization
  • No sales tax
  • Free delivery

Unlike Select Comfort, Personal Comfort manufactures its beds in an FDA-registered facility. Personal Comfort’s beds have a longer warranty — three years instead of two — and are made with medical-grade foam. Personal Comfort’s risk-free trial is 120 days long, compared to Select Comfort’s 100-night trial. With a Personal Comfort bed, you can upgrade your bed at any time and save money. While 78 percent of Sleep Number users surveyed are satisfied with their beds, 100 percent of Personal Comfort customers are satisfied with their beds, according to SleepLiketheDead.com.

An inflatable air bed offers plenty of features that you don’t get from a traditional innerspring mattress, or even a memory foam or latex foam mattress. Many inflatable bed owners love that they can adjust the firmness of their bed on each side, to accommodate the needs of two different sleepers. If you’re thinking of buying one of these beds, do your research. The most popular line of inflatable beds may not offer the best value for money.

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