12 Companies You Didn’t Know Offer Paid Sabbatical


Companies That Offer Paid Sabbatical

They call it the “rat race,” for a reason. Almost 70% of American workers feel exhausted, fatigued, and worn out from the 50-week, 40+ hours a week work grind. There must be more to life than this right? Have you ever considered working for any companies that offer paid sabbatical?

Companies That Offer Paid Sabbatical – The Basics

There are many companies that will pay you to take a month-long or eight-week paid trip to do what you want.

A sabbatical is a break from work. Employees on sabbatical can travel, write, study, or do whatever they want to professionally invigorate themselves.

Not every company offers a paid sabbatical. Here is a list of 12. Almost every company on this list has been listed by Fortune as one of its best companies to work for in 2017 or 2018.


Kimpton is a global franchise of 78 upscale boutique hotels and restaurants located in over 48 cities. The Kimpton brand is known for its aesthetically modern and progressively artistic hotels and luxury restaurants.

Pets are welcome at Kimpton hotels unlike others and on-site yoga-themed exercised are encouraged for guests. In 2020, Kimpton was named one of the 100 best companies to work for by Fortune magazine.

Kimpton is also dedicated to routinely cleaning and sanitizing its rooms and property. The hospitality chain also employs a minimalist design aesthetic to keep rooms clutter-free.

Does this sound like a place you would want to work? Companies that offer paid sabbatical, like Kimpton, comes with conditions.

To qualify for a month-long sabbatical, you must be a director-level employee at Kimpton. Also, you must have worked at Kimpton for at least seven years.

The Container Store

The Container Store is a 42-year old company that sells a variety of storage and organizational products. You can also buy wardrobe closets, luggage, desks, shoe organizers, and other similar products at the Container Store.

The Container Store is also dedicated to charitable giving and nurturing investor relations to continually ensure such.

Additionally, the Container Store invests in an Employee First Fund. It is a fund that offers emergency financial funding to employees via charitable donations.

As long as you have worked at the Container Store for at least a decade, you are entitled to a 14-day paid sabbatical. Employees with 20-years of employment are entitled to 21-days of paid sabbatical.


Believe it or not, McDonald’s is one of the companies that offer paid sabbatical leave to its employees.

McDonald’s wants well-studied, ambitious, and enterprising employees on its payroll, especially those who may open future franchises. If you want a future beyond flipping burgers, McDonald’s can help you achieve it.

If you work for McDonald’s for over a decade, then you are entitled to take a two-month paid sabbatical leave.


Vistaprint, founded in 1995, is well-known for selling budget-conscious printing card services. The company has now branched out to offering design and printing services for every kind of promotional need.

It goes without saying that you must be a creative type to work for Vistaprint.

Full-time Vistaprint employees with good work histories can take a month-long paid sabbatical every 5-years. Additionally, eligible Vistaprint employees can combine paid sabbatical leave with 14-days of vacation time for six weeks of paid leave.

The six-week combo of paid leave and sabbatical is known as a “Vistabreak.”

The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory was found in Beverly Hills, California in 1972 and is infamous for its variety of delectable cheesecakes.

A fully functional restaurant with a large breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, the Cheesecake Factory is primarily known for offering over 30 varieties of cheesecake.

Cheesecake Factory employees with at least five years of employment tenure are entitled to 21-days of paid sabbatical leave.

Unfortunately, most eligible employee positions for paid sabbatical leave at the Cheesecake Factory are in Calabasas, California, the company’s corporate headquarters.



Adobe is a California-based but globally viable computer software and multimedia corporation.

If you have ever used the Portable Document Format or PDF, then you probably used Adobe software.

Adobe continually looks for the best and brightest computer programmers and coders to hire. It is also one of the companies that offer paid sabbatical for this very reason.

Computer programming and software design is stressful work involving long hours of activity. To reward employees, Adobe offers a month-long sabbatical for those working there 5-years.

Adobe employees with ten years under their belt are entitled to a five-week sabbatical.

Any Adobe employee with 15-years under their belt is entitled to six-weeks of sabbatical every five years.


Zillow is the premier online real estate listing and rental site for 21st-century house hunters. The site was launched in 2006.

However, for a relatively new site, it averaged about 200 million monthly visitors by 2019. Over 50% of those who visit Zillow ultimately rent, buy, or sell a property.

About 80% of the properties for sale in the United States have been listed on Zillow at one point or another. As of February 2020, there were over 110 million property listings on the site.

The point is that Zillow employees must work long hours dealing with exhaustive logistics and statistics.

Zillow rewards employees with six-years of duty with another six weeks of leave, however, only half of which is paid.

Any Zillow employee of any employee level is eligible for this perk.

Modern Times

As of 2017, Modern Times was the very first employee-owned business in the state of California.

Currently, Modern times has beer breweries, tasting rooms, restaurants, and distribution centers located throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah, and the Pacific Northwest.

Along with beer, Modern Times also manufactures gourmet coffee.

After five years of working, Modern Times employees are entitled to an eight-week paid sabbatical, free coffee and beer, and even long-term disability payments for those who qualify.


Patagonia, founded in 1973, is a famous outdoor apparel company that manufactures durable and sustainable clothing for outdoor activities.

Patagonia has been ethically conscious about protecting the environment since its founding. The company made its environmental protection efforts official in 1985 after launching the “1% for the Planet,” initiative.

Under the 1% for the Planet initiative, Patagonia has pledged 1% of its sales in donations to various Earth-friendly charities and environmental protection movements.

So, it can be no surprise that Patagonia is one of the companies that offer paid sabbatical leave.

In this spirit of environmental protection and awareness, Patagonia offers its employees two months of paid sabbatical leave.

Still, Patagonia employees can only qualify for sabbatical by choosing an environmental initiative or group and working for them during the sabbatical.


QuikTrip is a chain of gas stations and convenience stores that regularly get positive consumer reviews. Most QuikTrip chains are located in the American South and Midwest.

QuikTrip noted for its clean restrooms, quality pizza, multi-varied soda fountain, and free air for tires.

Also, QuikTrip is known for being considered a quality place to work by its employees. And yes, it is one of the companies that offer paid sabbatical leave.

QuikTrip part-time and full-time employees are entitled to a month-long sabbatical after 25-years of work and then every 5-years thereafter.


Intel is a California-based technology and computer manufacturing company that was founded in 1968. It is known for producing quality computer components and products.

The great thing about Intel is that it allows its employees to choose from several sabbatical options. Intel employees can take a month-long sabbatical every four years or a two-month sabbatical every seven years.


Recreational Equipment, Inc., or REI is an expansive climbing, hiking, and outdoor clothing and goods company that was founded in 1938.

If you work for REI for 15-years you get a month-long sabbatical and then another month-long sabbatical for every five years thereafter.

Companies That Offer Paid Sabbatical

Keep in mind that a paid sabbatical is only earned after 5-years to 15-years of working on the average. You aren’t entitled to one after a few months of working.

Inquire about sabbaticals with any new job you start. Don’t assume they don’t offer one.

Companies from gas station convenience chains to corporate technology companies can offer paid sabbatical.

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