5 Dumb Ways to Spend your Tax Refund

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Tax refunds can arrive at a convenient time. Some people feel a financial strain right after the holidays. By March and April, some extra money can really help your financial situation. A tax refund can help you jumpstart your savings for the year or pay off some debt or other bills. However, there are quite a few dumb things people use their tax refunds on that won’t help their financial situation...

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Updates: November 17-23

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Today, I have to wish my Dad a Happy Birthday! Given the magnitude of the milestone (it ends in ‘0’), I decided to travel the few hours back to my hometown and surprise him for the weekend! As I struggle to build a fire in their wood burning stove, I remember all the little things you can take for granted in the city. Sure, my parents have electric heating, but it sure is more fun (and...

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