Weighing our mortgage options

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It’ll probably be a while before Brian and I start looking into buying our next place, but I can’t help but start thinking about what we might do next.  In our area, there are quite a few cute city townhomes that are 2-3 stories high with 2 bedrooms.  They’re quite spacious compared to condo living, but no where near as large as a house.  We don’t need a lot of space, but...

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Mortgages for the self employed

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This is a guest post – if you’re interested in guest posting with us, please view our guest post policy. Self-employment does not rule out the possibility of obtaining a mortgage, despite the perceived lack of security that is associated with being self-employed. The following is a list of factors that are taken into account by prospective mortgage lenders when assessing your eligibility...

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Updates: April 15 – 21

I’m off to visit with family this weekend! My Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Alberta, and I haven’t been back to see my parents in ages. I enjoy the trip back as it involves a relaxing ferry ride where I can catch up on my blog reading! Check out a few of the posts below that I’ll be diving into in greater detail on my trip. I have to also take a moment to congratulate CF –...

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