Updates: April 15 – 21

I’m off to visit with family this weekend! My Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Alberta, and I haven’t been back to see my parents in ages. I enjoy the trip back as it involves a relaxing ferry ride where I can catch up on my blog reading! Check out a few of the posts below that I’ll be diving into in greater detail on my trip.

I have to also take a moment to congratulate CF – she finished her FINAL exam yesterday and is getting ready to start her new job on May 1!


  • From CF: Invest it Wisely takes a look at whether it’s worth it to convert a variable rate to a fixed rate mortgage. Brian and I are in a similar situation. We have a variable rate mortgage at 2.15% over five years.  We’ll probably stick it out with the variable rate though. We always overpay our mortgage and so I’d rather have a low interest rate now and not pay more for security against possible rate hikes.
  • Do you think of your debt as an emergency? Mr. Money Mustache does! The one caveat I can offer is that you have to consider the relative interest rates. If the interest rate of the debt is lower than what you can reasonably expect through an alternate investment, I will usually suggest the alternative.
  • Last week, we posted 5 job interview must haves. This week, Finance Fox sat down with a Toronto Area recruiter for some more job interview tips, especially if you’re in IT.
  • My Own Advisor discusses How we spent our tax refund this year. I am slowly getting around to doing my taxes, but since I’m not getting a refund (of more than $5) the incentive is low. Just remember the deadline is the end of April! I agree with how My Own Advisor is allocating their money – a solid plan.


This week, The Outlier Model appeared in:

  • 55 Ways to Better Manage Your Money When You Are Young and Have Little
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