Financial Benefits of Living Off One Income

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When you combine finances with your significant other, it’s easy to start inflating your lifestyle if you are under the impression that you will have a higher household income. However, I challenge you to go the financially savvy route and try living off of only one person’s income. A family who exercises the habit of living off one income and saving the other is the perfect way to get ahead on...

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Get Smart About Retirement Planning

Part of smart financial planning includes preparing for retirement. When you’re already contributing to your retirement accounts, how else can you prepare for a comfortable retirement? Here are a few things to think about as you focus on retirement preparation. Make a plan. The first thing you should do is develop a plan. When do you want to retire? How much can you comfortably live on? How much...

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Creative Ways to Pay Off Your Student Loans

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Ahh, student loans. If you have them, you’re not alone—40 million other Americans are shouldering an average of $28,400 in student loan debt. But like any debt, too much isn’t a good thing, so paying them off as soon as possible is a worthy goal. A quick way to help you now is to compare student loan rates so you can refinance with the best consolidation offer. Most of us know that...

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Updates: June 9-15

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June is bike month in Vancouver (and across Canada, based on a quick Google search). I don’t know where the idea initiated, but all month I’ve been seeing signs pop up like this one below. Photo credit: daveb_ via Flickr Bike month is a great opportunity to trade your car for a bike when commuting to work – often it only takes a few more minutes than driving, depending on where you...

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