Wait! Don’t Join the Gym Just Yet

Join the Gym, gym membership
Resolving to get in shape in the new year is a resolution millions make every year.  Unfortunately, the majority of those millions, in their excitement and resolve to become lean and fit, drop a lot of money to achieve this goal, including the often expensive act of joining a gym. Joining the gym can be a smart move for some people, but for the majority of us, doing so is just like giving our money...

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Updates: December 22-28

Christmas and Boxing Day, Holidays, financial blogs, financial blog reads, personal finance, blog reading, closing party for a local restaurant, staycation
WOW, Christmas and Boxing Day have already come and gone! Another year is under our belt, with New Years just around the corner. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a great Christmas with family and friends. This can be a wonderful time of year to connect with family and eat a lot Turkey and stuffing too! Good times to be had by all… I worked on Christmas and Boxing Day. With the overtime...

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How to Recover from a Holiday Shopping Binge

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When my husband and I were just married (and beyond broke), we only bought very small presents for each other and some presents for my mom that were within our budget.  However, when we got home for Christmas, my mom was beaming with pride as she showed us the many presents she had under the tree for us. Embarrassed by our small number of gifts for her, we went out shopping on Christmas Eve to give...

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How to Project a Professional Image Without a Lot of Money

professional image, business attire
Are you among the many millions who work full-time and yet, thanks to pay freezes and increasing expenses like insurance premiums and taxes, find yourself unable to make ends meet?  If so, you’re not alone. Some people have considered starting a side gig.  By working on the side, you can finally have enough money to make ends meet and have a little extra. To have a successful side gig, you’ll...

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