Updates: December 22-28

23536836_sWOW, Christmas and Boxing Day have already come and gone! Another year is under our belt, with New Years just around the corner. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a great Christmas with family and friends. This can be a wonderful time of year to connect with family and eat a lot Turkey and stuffing too! Good times to be had by all…

I worked on Christmas and Boxing Day. With the overtime hours in healthcare I was pleased to make the added income. For me the extra $700 on the paycheque was a real Christmas present.

A traditional Christmas dinner, with family, lots of wine, chocolate and mandarin oranges would have also been nice. But since I was working this year, and my GF was home, we both decided to opt out of the entire Christmas deal. We did want to go out for a nice Christmas dinner, but unfortunately nothing was open. LOL what is the world coming too when McDonalds closes at 4pm, and neither Starbucks nor Domino’s Pizza are even open on Christmas?

As with previous years, we also opted out of the conventional gift giving ritual. Looking back, stepping away from traditional Christmas, earning overtime and saving money, was a real gift we couldn’t put any price on!

Unfortunately I didn’t get out of Christmas spending in December. When my trusted laptop died this month, I was unfortunately spending money to get a new system. At least it’s a business deduction – sort of a delayed Christmas present. 😉

Besides Christmas, here’s what’s also been going on this week:

Here’s some great links for the investing savvy crowd:

Finally, now that I have my new computer all setup, I can get back to running the web empire. I’m hoping have the new look for Outlier Model coming soon!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


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