A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start. new beginnings
You may have noticed some small changes sneaking into the site lately – and you’re not seeing things! Today, I’m writing to let all of our readers know that CF and I have decided to step away from PF Blogging. We started The Outlier Model in 2011, and it’s grown from something that was mainly read by family and friends into a communication tool. It has connected us to many like-minded...

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Taking Your First Steps Towards a New Business Adventure

New Business Adventure, new business, investment, business
Starting a new business truly is an adventure, with the risk, chance of failure and benefits of success all in play. Before you sign on the dotted line and commit your time and resources to a new venture, you’ll need to cover some basic ground first. Evaluate Yourself Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. While there’s no guaranteed way to tell whether you’re cut out for being...

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Christmas and the Debt Dilemma

Debt Dilemma, christmas shopping
Many people are inundated with debt through their mortgage, lines of credit, or personal and credit card debts. Most people also live paycheck to paycheck, with minimal savings or investments, and have no idea how to get off the tread mill. It’s no wonder most people feel “there is no money left at the end of the month.” With the Christmas holidays coming up, it’s even more important not...

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Updates: December 8-14

christmas star, Christmas season, Holidays, holiday season, financial blog, personal finance, good blog reads
Photo Credit: brockvicky via Flickr First off, a big congrats to Jessica at Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses, who is celebrating her second blogging anniversary. As they say, the first two years is the hardest! Also be sure to check out a couple of great giveaways.  Jeremy at Modest Money is giving away $250 cash via PayPal, in his 2013 Christmas Cash Giveaway.  And here is a whopping (currently the most...

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