How to Project a Professional Image Without a Lot of Money

20102681_sAre you among the many millions who work full-time and yet, thanks to pay freezes and increasing expenses like insurance premiums and taxes, find yourself unable to make ends meet?  If so, you’re not alone.

Some people have considered starting a side gig.  By working on the side, you can finally have enough money to make ends meet and have a little extra.

To have a successful side gig, you’ll also need to have a professional appearance.  That means an attractive website, business cards, and the appearance of an office (that’s not the living room where you may be working).

How can you create a professional appearance when you don’t have a lot of money to invest in the business? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Virtual Office

If the appearance of an office is important, you could consider contracting a virtual office.  They offer business addresses in a professional building and even secretarial support!

However, if you don’t need this much, the bare minimum you’ll want to do is find one room or space in your house to serve as an office.  That area should be clean and clutter free with simple decorations and the items you need to do your work.  Then, when you take calls via Skype, you’ll project a professional appearance.  Your caller doesn’t need to know you’re really sitting in one corner of your bedroom.

Website, P.O. Box, and Business Cards

You’ll also want to rent out a local post office box so your business mail won’t be coming to your home address.

Regarding a business web site, see if any friends or family members would be able to create one for you.  You’d be amazed what some of the teens in your extended family can pull together.  If you need to seek a professional to create your website, see if he’d be willing to barter with you.  If you’re a writer, perhaps you could write copy for him in exchange for developing your website.  If you’re an accountant, perhaps you could keep his books.  The possibilities are endless.

Business cards are perhaps the easiest hurdle because there are plenty of businesses that offer low cost business cards.

Don’t let the expense of a professional appearance hamper your side gig and your ability to earn money.  With a bit of creativity, you’ll find there are plenty of ways to create a professional illusion without spending a professional price.

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