How to Save Money on Christmas Presents for Co-Workers

save money on christmas presents for coworkers
Purchasing Christmas gifts can leave a big hole in your pocket, especially if you haven’t planned and prepared for it. You have to consider giving gifts to your immediate family, kids, spouse, friends, and even co-workers, just to name a few. However, there are ways to cut some of the expenses. Here’s how to save money on Christmas presents for your co-workers. Save Money on Christmas Presents...

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How to Recover from a Holiday Shopping Binge

big bargains, shopping, discounts, profits
When my husband and I were just married (and beyond broke), we only bought very small presents for each other and some presents for my mom that were within our budget.  However, when we got home for Christmas, my mom was beaming with pride as she showed us the many presents she had under the tree for us. Embarrassed by our small number of gifts for her, we went out shopping on Christmas Eve to give...

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Updates: December 2 – 8

Last week of no internet! I’m sitting in a Starbucks across from my house right now – we’ve frequented this location multiple times over the past week to hook up.  This included a VERY early morning trip at 5am on Tuesday for what I thought was the best daily deal Starbucks has on offer. Last year, they sold a special reusable coffee mug which allowed you to get free coffee when...

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