Wait! Don’t Join the Gym Just Yet

Join the Gym, gym membership
Resolving to get in shape in the new year is a resolution millions make every year.  Unfortunately, the majority of those millions, in their excitement and resolve to become lean and fit, drop a lot of money to achieve this goal, including the often expensive act of joining a gym. Joining the gym can be a smart move for some people, but for the majority of us, doing so is just like giving our money...

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Remembering to take care of yourself

take care of yourself, healthy routine
Lately, I have been feeling a bit more run down, a bit more irritable, and a lot more tired.  Work has been crazy busy, with most people working 10 hour days and sometimes weekends.  Once, a few of the guys had to babysit the software through till 4am in the morning!  Yikes. Photo credit: Bruce Clay Inc. via Flickr During times like this, it’s easy to let your health slip.  I’ve felt...

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Updates: April 14 – 20

New Zealand trip, trip to New Zealand, NZ, personal finance blogs, personal finance articles, financial articles, financial blogs
Brian is away in New Zealand until late next week, so it’s just me holding down the fort here at The Outlier Model.  It’s also ONE WEEK before a major release at my workplace – this means late nights and weekends and far, far, far too much screen time.  My apologies for the lack of tweets and prompt responses! Actual photo taken by Brian I find that when I get busy like this, I...

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