Updates: April 14 – 20

Brian is away in New Zealand until late next week, so it’s just me holding down the fort here at The Outlier Model.  It’s also ONE WEEK before a major release at my workplace – this means late nights and weekends and far, far, far too much screen time.  My apologies for the lack of tweets and prompt responses!

Actual photo taken by Brian

Actual photo taken by Brian

I find that when I get busy like this, I slip into the bad habits that I often criticize others for – I exercise less, I eat poorly, I spend money on take-out or snacks… Really, I should just slink off into the corner and hang my head in shame.  However, despite straying a bit in my good intentions, I am happy to report that I am running at least once a week and am again going to yoga (or doing it at home) once a week.  Hooray for goals!

Here are a few of my favourite links this week:

  • Kathleen of Frugal Portland has a guest post from her younger sister on frugal weddings.  In the first of an ongoing series leading up to a December 2013 wedding – exciting!
  • Could you survive financially if you lost your job?  I think I could, at least for 1 year comfortably, and perhaps two years not so comfortably.  I’m hoping to increase that, of course.  Kim from Eyes on the Dollar works through their hypothetical bare bones budget in this post.
  • I’ve been finding myself eating WAYYYY more than usual after coming home late from work recently because I am ravenous.  I usually like to eat around 6 or 6:30pm, so when I don’t get home till after 7pm, I stuff my face with everything I can find.  So I was sympathetic with Daisy’s post on Add Vodka on how deprivation leads to excess – check it out.
  • Jeremy at Modest Money discusses the use of prepaid credit cards as a tool for young adults.  I’ve never had a prepaid card (I got suckered into credit as a student!) but for many people, it could be useful.
  • And finally, Savvy Financial Latina has a touching post on how life is too short.  And it is!  Be happy and make the people you care about happy.

Thanks to everyone who included us this week!

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