Updates: April 14 – 20

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Brian is away in New Zealand until late next week, so it’s just me holding down the fort here at The Outlier Model.  It’s also ONE WEEK before a major release at my workplace – this means late nights and weekends and far, far, far too much screen time.  My apologies for the lack of tweets and prompt responses! Actual photo taken by Brian I find that when I get busy like this, I...

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It’s All in the Details: Bedroom Accessories That Will Make All the Difference

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Your bedroom can look a little sad and lonely if you stick to the basics of a bed, wardrobe and side tables. Accessories not only let you have a little fun with your room, but they also allow you to express yourself and your personality through your choice of decoration Accessories don’t have to be simply ornamental either. Make sure the pieces you choose serve a practical purpose as well as being...

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6 Month Student Loan Update

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It’s been about 6 months since I’ve started paying back my student loans (… for the second time…) and I wanted to do a bit of a recap.  When I posted my student loan repayment plan a few months ago, I ambitiously posted a scenario that would see me pay off my student loan in about 2.5 years.  With a $27,000 loan, that’s over $9000 a year.  Yikes! Photo Credit: Dave...

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Finding a way to say no

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Things have been a little rough around here lately.  In the past, I’ve alluded to the fact that my parents have never had a lot of money, especially in the eyes of our relatives.  It’s only gotten worse over time as debts add up and bills kept going unpaid.  I think it’s reaching a breaking point. Photo Credit: George Self via Flickr My philosophy with money and family is much...

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