Finding a way to say no

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Things have been a little rough around here lately.  In the past, I’ve alluded to the fact that my parents have never had a lot of money, especially in the eyes of our relatives.  It’s only gotten worse over time as debts add up and bills kept going unpaid.  I think it’s reaching a breaking point. Photo Credit: George Self via Flickr My philosophy with money and family is much...

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Updates: December 9 – 15

Pan Pacific Christmas Wish Breakfast, giving gifts, giving out toys, personal finance article, personal finance post, financial article, financial read, financial post
This week, CF and I got up very early Thursday morning and attended the Pan Pacific Christmas Wish Breakfast! It’s becoming somewhat of a tradition for us to bring down a couple of toys for donation – we like that we know exactly where our donations are going. It was really well organized this year, with lots of seating to eat and lots of great food! We got there earlier this year, so the...

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The art of gift giving

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This post was originally posted on our wordpress site. Enjoy! I’m a strong believer in doing things purposefully. Gift-giving is one of those things! For me, gifts are always freely given. That means, if someone gives me a gift, it comes with no strings attached, no expectations, and no presumptions. Likewise, if I give a gift, I expect nothing in return. Most importantly, I give the gift because...

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Woops – I think I just conformed…

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It’s a tough road sometimes. Sticking to your principles, often going against the “norm”. We’re all bound to make mistakes, in fact I made a small one just today. Gift giving in the workplace is a tricky subject.  CF touched on this issue in a post back before we transitioned to the new site and I really agree that gifts are to be ‘freely given’. That is, they are...

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