It’s All in the Details: Bedroom Accessories That Will Make All the Difference

Your bedroom can look a little sad and lonely if you stick to the basics of a bed, wardrobe and side tables. Accessories not only let you have a little fun with your room, but they also allow you to express yourself and your personality through your choice of decoration

Accessories don’t have to be simply ornamental either. Make sure the pieces you choose serve a practical purpose as well as being decorative and you’re on to a winner.

Bedroom and window

Bedroom and window by tinymine.com

Make it stand out

New handles on old fixtures immediately spruce up a dated wardrobe or worn-out dresser. You can be as fun and frivolous as you like; minor details can often afford to stand out from the neutral and mundane.

Hidden TV

Is there anything more luxurious than watching television in bed? Imagine yourself, curled up in your soft, comfy duvet, when, with the flick of a switch, a sleek flat screen rises up to greet you from the end of your bed. Modern bedroom accessories offer the latest in fantastic designs, so your bedroom can look less like bachelor pad and more like a penthouse suite.

Show off

With all the great throws, pillows, cushions and comforters available in a variety of pretty colours and fabrics, it seems a shame to store them all out of sight. Instead, opt for open cube shelving in your bedroom, allowing you to tidily store all your best pieces of bedding on display – and within easy reach when you feel a shiver!

Hide the clutter

We all have bits and pieces we need to keep handy, but often don’t have anywhere to put them. These odds and ends pile up on the side of a dresser or side table and ultimately add to clutter. Opt instead for a decorative wooden or fabric box to put on display beside your bed – perfect for hiding away clutter.

In the shade

Curtains are an obvious choice when it comes to blocking out light in the bedroom. However, the options are endless when it comes to choosing fabric and colour, not to mention the decision between pelmet and pole. One way around this is to opt for shutters instead. Clean and classic, they bring in a little bit of continental chic.

If you do decide to go for curtains, you should avoid thick, heavy fabric (unless you have quite large bedroom) as it can drag down the room. Instead, opt for a light, floating fabric and block out light with a black out blind instead.

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