How to Save on Your Summer BBQ

Happy 4th! Chances are good part of your celebration this weekend will involve hosting or attending a BBQ. After all, it’s an American pastime. But don’t be surprised if you experience a little sticker shop as you roam the aisles of your local grocery store. Due to a number of different factors (droughts, avian flu, cattle shortages, and so forth), food prices have climbed. Take beef,...

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Hey, I got a raise

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I had my first ever annual performance review last week.  I meet with my manager every two weeks, so I didn’t expect there to be any major issues.  I’ve also only been at the job for about 7 months, so there wasn’t too much to talk about…. EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I GOT A RAISE.  Woohoo! Monies!Photo Credit: areasuburn via Flickr I received a raise of about 4.5%, which is pretty...

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Dealing with debt

Accelerate Your Debt Repayment, debt repayment, debt calculator, paying off debt, debt management
The following is a Guest Post. Most of us have been in debt at some point in our lives.  Credit cards, auto loans, mortgages – these are normal parts of being an adult.  Whether or not it was necessary to take on that debt in the first place is another story.  But many people do choose to do so, and are able to make their monthly payments on time and without hardship. Photo Credit: Images of...

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Updates: November 4 – 10

Happy long weekend! Whether you’re celebrating Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, or don’t have the day off because you live abroad, hopefully you can unwind and relax before the holiday season hits in full swing. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver, CF and I enjoyed a walk to a local coffee shop for brunch, and then down to the local market, enjoying one of the best views in Vancouver...

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