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Happy long weekend! Whether you’re celebrating Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, or don’t have the day off because you live abroad, hopefully you can unwind and relax before the holiday season hits in full swing. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver, CF and I enjoyed a walk to a local coffee shop for brunch, and then down to the local market, enjoying one of the best views in Vancouver (below)


Photo Credit: Blu Living

Tonight, the Vancouver PF Blogger Meet Up group is convening to welcome an out of towner – Bridget from Money After Graduation. For once, this is the only thing I have planned this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

Update: After months of waiting for our Mystery Plant to grow into something, we finally figured out what it is! Congratulations to Ying for correctly guessing ‘Collard Greens’ via twitter!


  •  Over at Eyes on the Dollar, Kim talks about finding their first tenants.  CF and I went through this about two and a half years ago when we first started renting out our condo.  We opted to do it ourselves, but there are advantages to using a property manager as well.
  • Plunged in Debt presents a great idea – a big cooking bonanza where you make a massive amount of food using a few recipes with the idea of being able to stick those servings into your freezer for later.  Awesome!
  • Thankfully, my car insurance is included with my car sharing membership. But, if you own your own car, you should check out Modest Money’s post on ways to save on car insurance.
  • I’ve never been a big “Black Friday” shopper, mostly because I try not to buy too many things and most things on sale during Black Friday are very consumerist. However, if you’re looking to score a deal from the comfort of your home, Mr. CBB has some tips on Making the Most of Black Friday Without Crossing The Border.
  • Finance Fox explains why your old, unused electronics are a cash pit. I moved into a new place once where the tenant had left behind an old computer. I disassembled it and sold the pieces on eBay and made some cash!
  • Money After Graduation explains why budgets are not one-size-fits-all. It’s very true that PF advice ranges from the general to specific, and specific circumstances call for different advice. My favorite thing about PF blogs is the personal nature of the stories and learning how individuals handle specific situations, and less so on the ‘roadmap’ type advice.
  • Add Vodka goes through her October spendin – I enjoyed the helpful pie graph to visualize the different categories.


As always, thanks to everyone who included us this week! As always, if I missed your link, shoot me an email ([email protected]) or tweet us @OutlierModel!

  • Finance Fox:Weekend Recap – Money Talks & Obama for Another Four!



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