Affordable Ways to Enjoy the Holiday Season

enjoy the holiday season, affordable ways for the holiday, holiday season tips
Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that means Christmas will be here in just one month now. Many people are probably considering shopping for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and wrapping up their holiday shopping lists. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this season only comes around once a year and you don’t want to be worried about gifts and money the entire time. The holiday season can be super...

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Why I Almost Never Miss Black Friday

Black Friday tips, going to Black Friday, shopping during Black Friday
The holiday season is practically here. Pretty soon you’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving and seeing all those holiday shopping ads especially for Black Friday. Most people either love or hate Black Friday. I tend to see it as an opportunity to strategically purchase the things I want or need. This is why I usually venture out and shop on Black Friday even though last year I didn’t. You...

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Updates: November 4 – 10

Happy long weekend! Whether you’re celebrating Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, or don’t have the day off because you live abroad, hopefully you can unwind and relax before the holiday season hits in full swing. It’s a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver, CF and I enjoyed a walk to a local coffee shop for brunch, and then down to the local market, enjoying one of the best views in Vancouver...

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