This Lender Repos 1 In 3 Cars It Finances — How to Avoid This Cycle

This lender repos 1 in 3 cars it finances -- how to avoid this cycle
You frequently hear about America’s crushing student loan debt, but cars are not far behind — especially subprime auto loans. jQuery(window).load(function(){ var s = document.createElement("script"); s.type = "text/javascript"; s.src = "https://moneymade.io/embed/embed.js"; setTimeout(function(){ jQuery('#moneymade-ad-2').append('') ...

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What you Need To Know Before Financing a Car

financing a car, tips on financing a car, financing a car advice
Given the fact that cars are so expensive, most people explore their options with financing a vehicle when they need one. While saving up to pay for a car in cash is one of the best alternatives to financing, it is not always the most realistic since you may need a vehicle before you have enough savings lined up. If you do choose to finance your next vehicle, you can do so in a way that’s financially...

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Dealing with debt

Accelerate Your Debt Repayment, debt repayment, debt calculator, paying off debt, debt management
The following is a Guest Post. Most of us have been in debt at some point in our lives.  Credit cards, auto loans, mortgages – these are normal parts of being an adult.  Whether or not it was necessary to take on that debt in the first place is another story.  But many people do choose to do so, and are able to make their monthly payments on time and without hardship. Photo Credit: Images of...

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