What are the top 10 side jobs?

top 10 side jobs, extra income, paying off debt, financial goal
For many years, I’ve worked two or more jobs to make a bit of extra money, pay down a bit of debt, or to gain some experience in a field.  When I was a full time student, there were days where I’d finish working in the lab at 5pm, only to rush off and work a 6 hour shift in retail.  Yikes!  Until just recently, Brian would do something similar – work 8 hours at his office job then rush off...

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Fiverr should be called Fourer

Fiverr, extra income, odd job, extra money
I’ve recently started doing some work on Fiverr.com, a small services marketplace that offers people the chance to do odd jobs starting at $5. I first heard about it on My University Money, and after ruminating over it for a few months, decided to give it a try. As a buyer, you pay $5 for a small service. You can browse existing advertisements or you can post your own request and wait for interested...

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The benefits of a second job

benefits of a second job, part-time job, side hustle
For many people, the thought of working more than they have to is an alien concept.  But making more money is the easiest way to give yourself a financial boost, especially if it’s in a field that you enjoy or done during a time where you wouldn’t be doing anything anyways – you can even make money at parties! I’m working this Sunday at the the research centre.  I’ve...

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