What are the top 10 side jobs?

For many years, I’ve worked two or more jobs to make a bit of extra money, pay down a bit of debt, or to gain some experience in a field.  When I was a full time student, there were days where I’d finish working in the lab at 5pm, only to rush off and work a 6 hour shift in retail.  Yikes!  Until just recently, Brian would do something similar – work 8 hours at his office job then rush off to work a 4 to 6 hour shift at the wine store.

piggy bank

As I’ve paid off more of my debts and met more of my goals, I don’t maintain a second job anymore.  But there are definitely many benefits to having a side job.  For me, having a second job enabled me to pay down the majority of my credit card debt and save up money for vacations and emergency funds.  I’ve also gained skills that have been useful in other areas of my life.

But for someone already working full time, it can be challenging to just dive in and choose to work more.  Where do you start?  If you’re younger and lacking skills, what fields could you jump into?  If you’re a bit older, how can you get employers to take you on as a casual employee?

For the next ten Wednesdays, The Outlier Model will go through some great options for second jobs.  We’ll talk about some of the pros and cons of each job, the skills required, the skills gained, and the approximate income you could expect to receive.  I hope you guys will enjoy this new series!

Top 10 side jobs: #10 – Mystery Shopping

Top 10 side jobs: #9 – Special Events Customer Service

Top 10 side jobs: #8 – Sports Referee

Top 10 side jobs: #7 – Newspaper Delivery

Top 10 side jobs: #6 – Event Security

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