Think You’re Ready to Start Freelancing Full-Time?

Ready to freelance?
For many people, being able to start freelancing full-time is the dream. After all, you get to pick your own projects, set your own schedule, and even work from home. While it is possible to make a living by freelancing full-time, you do need to prepare for the transition. If you aren’t sure if you’re ready, here are some questions you need to ask yourself. Tamila McDonaldTamila McDonald has worked...

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Why You Might Want to Think Twice About Side Hustling as a Freelancer

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There’s no doubt that side hustling can help you bring in extra money to meet your financial goals whether they are saving, paying off debt, investing etc. One of the most popular side hustle ideas these days is to become a freelancer. If you have certain skills and resources, you could work one-on-one to provide your services to others for an hourly or flat rate. Whether you like to write articles,...

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Updates: July 14 – 20

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Today, we’re featured over at Canadian Budget Binder, so welcome if you’ve found your way here through Mr. CBB and a big thank you to him for the opportunity! This week has been pretty busy for CF with a big deadline at work, so I’ve been exploring some places in Vancouver that I’ve never spent much time around. It’s easy to get into a routine and forget about all the...

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Fiverr should be called Fourer

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I’ve recently started doing some work on Fiverr.com, a small services marketplace that offers people the chance to do odd jobs starting at $5. I first heard about it on My University Money, and after ruminating over it for a few months, decided to give it a try. As a buyer, you pay $5 for a small service. You can browse existing advertisements or you can post your own request and wait for interested...

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