Should You Get a Second Job?

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Do you ever feel like the income you earn at your job is limiting? If you have a big financial goal that you’d like to meet quickly or feel like your money is still tight after budgeting properly and watching your spending each month, you should know that you can always earn more money. Normally, I would tell anyone who wants to earn extra money to establish a side hustle by doing something that...

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Updates: May 12 – 18

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Happy Victoria Day weekend! Or, if you’re in the States, happy one week until your long weekend! I never really paid much attention to the reasoning behind the holiday, other than I know we used to have a Queen Victoria at one point. If you’re interested in the history, Canadian Budget Binder has a good recap! Photo Credit: markhillary via Flickr On another note, I’ve been trying...

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Fiverr should be called Fourer

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I’ve recently started doing some work on Fiverr.com, a small services marketplace that offers people the chance to do odd jobs starting at $5. I first heard about it on My University Money, and after ruminating over it for a few months, decided to give it a try. As a buyer, you pay $5 for a small service. You can browse existing advertisements or you can post your own request and wait for interested...

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