6 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities with Kids

Valentine's Day Activities, valentine's with the kids
Valentine’s Day is marked as a time for romance, but kids like Valentine’s Day as well! After all, they get to exchange Valentine’s with their classmates and receive candy, which is the best part for many kids. My mom always made Valentine’s Day special by giving me a card and a box of chocolates.  If you’re the parent of young kids and you want to make Valentine’s...

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Creativity: Your Ticket To Saving Money

creativity, ticket to saving money
“I’m just not that creative…” How many times have you said that or heard someone else say that?  You might think of creativity as simply being an accomplished artist, a good writer, or being able to make a cute craft. But it goes far beyond that. Creativity can save you money.  Lots of money. Creativity with Food According to The Huffington Post, “the average American...

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What can you get for $10?

What can you get, deli ham, ham sandwich, survival until pay day
It’s approaching the 15th of the month – that means that Brian and I are on our last $10 of grocery money. *cue ominous music*  Impending disaster, right?  Ramen and Kraft macaroni and cheese for all?   Photo Credit: Original photo by Accidental Hedonist via Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/accidentalhedonist/4959928258/   Wrong! You can actually get a lot for $10.  Mind...

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Updates: May 27 – June 2

Well, I’m off for a week-long stint in Seattle. Each spring I end up spending a week out of country to run a mid-sized scientific conference. It’s nice to be staying close to home (last year was Europe, next year is New Zealand…) although one of the biggest perks of my job is the ability to travel. I’m especially happy to have such a close to home meeting as it allows me to...

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