What can you get for $10?

It’s approaching the 15th of the month – that means that Brian and I are on our last $10 of grocery money. *cue ominous music*  Impending disaster, right?  Ramen and Kraft macaroni and cheese for all?


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You can actually get a lot for $10.  Mind you, it helps to have food stashed away in the freezer and condiments and spices available.  But $10 is enough to get fresh, healthy foods to get you through the last few days before a grocery shop.

Here’s what I picked up:

  • ginger – $0.30
  • 2 heads of broccoli – $0.85
  • zucchini – $0.36
  • cheddar – $5.77
  • bread – $0.74
  • 4 plums – $0.73

Which leaves me with $1.26.  Everything was purchased on sale except the ginger.  The bread was 1/2 off because it expires in two days – but I’m going to stick it in the freezer.  I’m planning on making a stir fry with the ginger, broccoli and some chicken I have in the fridge.  The cheddar and bread I plan on using with eggs for breakfast, along with some yogurt that I have left.  The plums are for snacking.  The zucchini is going into a pasta, along with some leftover pasta sauce and half a box of grape tomatoes from last week.  That’s more than enough food for three meals plus snacks over 2-3 days for two people.  And I still have $1.26 remaining.  That’s enough to get 100g of deli ham to use in sandwiches, for example.

Anyways, the point is not to make everyone listen to what I’m having to eat this week.  The point is that we shouldn’t be discouraged when we “only” have a few bucks left for groceries or whatever.  There IS a way to make it work!  Sometimes we just need to get creative, raid the pantry for odds and ends, and get cooking.

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