Updates: May 27 – June 2

Well, I’m off for a week-long stint in Seattle. Each spring I end up spending a week out of country to run a mid-sized scientific conference. It’s nice to be staying close to home (last year was Europe, next year is New Zealand…) although one of the biggest perks of my job is the ability to travel. I’m especially happy to have such a close to home meeting as it allows me to...

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First yard sale of the year

First yard sale, yard sale, thrifty, thrift shop, discounts, great deals
I’m a big fan of yard sales. I’ve picked up a lot of stuff for next to nothing and even more stuff for absolutely nothing. Brian and I went to the first sale of the year (that we knew about) this morning and. Walked away with a free deep frying “spider” skimmer. (PS – I had to look up what they were called.  If you didn’t know either, check it out.) Its awesome because I like to make...

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