Creativity: Your Ticket To Saving Money

creativity, ticket to saving money
“I’m just not that creative…” How many times have you said that or heard someone else say that?  You might think of creativity as simply being an accomplished artist, a good writer, or being able to make a cute craft. But it goes far beyond that. Creativity can save you money.  Lots of money. Creativity with Food According to The Huffington Post, “the average American...

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Making money is easy

Making money, extra income
“I would really like to do that, but I don’t have enough money.” Sound familiar? There is an engrained sense of self pity in our society when it comes to making money (namely that what we earn is never good enough). Traditional thinking is to believe that our ‘day job’ should pay us enough money to afford the lifestyle that we want. In a changing world, those that think...

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