Updates: June 10-16

In lieu of a not so witty rambling update, I’m going to jump straight to the links this week. The Dividend Ninja tells us How to DRIP Husky Energy. As an owner of HSE, I actually wasn’t aware that they don’t allow DRIP directly through a broker. I haven’t noticed the notices that he speaks of, however I also don’t own enough shares to DRIP yet. In University, I took...

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Almost free emergency kits

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Here’s a quickie while I’m slaving away at probability homework: Brian and I have emergency kits that we keep at work which contain water, food, and a rudimentary first aid kit.  We have a larger “earthquake stash” but these are smaller, portable personal kits. For the container, we use large plastic bulk nut jars that I salvaged from the recycling pile and washed out. We fill...

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