Updates: June 10-16

In lieu of a not so witty rambling update, I’m going to jump straight to the links this week.

  • The Dividend Ninja tells us How to DRIP Husky Energy. As an owner of HSE, I actually wasn’t aware that they don’t allow DRIP directly through a broker. I haven’t noticed the notices that he speaks of, however I also don’t own enough shares to DRIP yet.
  • In University, I took one summer off to work and travel through France and Italy. It remains to this day as one of the best decisions I have ever made. Despite the uncertainty and trepidation about doing something new, I want to join My University Money in encouraging you to Leave Home and find New Experiences
  • CF and I keep small emergency kits both at work and at home. We stock up on bottled water when it is on sale and use free samples and granola bars to stash as food. Canadian Dream looks at an emergency preparedness plan as A Different Kind of Insurance.
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