Almost free emergency kits

Here’s a quickie while I’m slaving away at probability homework:

Brian and I have emergency kits that we keep at work which contain water, food, and a rudimentary first aid kit.  We have a larger “earthquake stash” but these are smaller, portable personal kits.

For the container, we use large plastic bulk nut jars that I salvaged from the recycling pile and washed out.

We fill the kits with free food samples that we get from an annual food show that is held in Vancouver. So this year, our kits have lots of granola bars and some beef jerky. It’s great because the food is already conveniently packaged.  Next year, when we get new samples, we’ll take the old food out and replace them with the new samples.  The old food then becomes snack fodder for the next week.

By doing this, we make sure that we replace our emergency kit food regularly. As well, we can maintain these kits at no cost, aside from the bottle of water, which is bought in bulk.

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