Updates: July 7 – 13

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Well, this was a bit of an interesting week – we had to deal with a broken fridge/freezer, which CF will tell you all about on Monday! When we weren’t dealing with broken appliances, I took advantage of some free local events and checked out the Gastown Grand Prix. I love cycling and it was really cool to see the Canadian Road Champion and a Canadian member of a team currently in the Tour...

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Questioning the necessities – Owning a car

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Growing up, I lived the rural lifestyle. I believed that part of becoming an adult was owning my own car. Often, owning a car makes a log of sense in a rural setting. Sporadic transit and long distances between amenities can make car ownership logical. Now I live in the city, and as part of a growing urban population, the necessity of owning a car is something that can seriously be questioned. Costs...

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