Updates: July 7 – 13

Well, this was a bit of an interesting week – we had to deal with a broken fridge/freezer, which CF will tell you all about on Monday! When we weren’t dealing with broken appliances, I took advantage of some free local events and checked out the Gastown Grand Prix. I love cycling and it was really cool to see the Canadian Road Champion and a Canadian member of a team currently in the Tour de France participating. Svein Tuft, who was here last year but is riding the Tour de France this year actually came 6th in the Tour time trial on same day this week, a very impressive accomplishment.

gastown gpp

The weather has remained sunny and warm, unlike the rest of the country. I won’t complain!

Here are some of our favourite posts from the week!

  • We Only Do this Once suggests four things to consider when looking for a side hustle. I love side hustles!
  • Student Debt Survivor explains how she learned from example from her mom’s money management skill.
  • NZ Muse loves London – I agree, it’s a pretty cool place!
  • Mo Money Mo Houses has endured a tough week in Toronto with flooding and lack of power. Hope things get back to normal soon!
  • Frugal Rules shows how debt fatigue can affect your ability to pay off debt.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week!

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