Cutting down on transit costs

transit costs, transportation, saving money
When my parents were feeling the money pinch, they decided to sell their car.  Good financial move right?  It netted them $8000 and they didn’t have a vehicle eating up gas and insurance money any more.  Well, not so good actually.  They blew through the money in a month or two and now have to spend several hours walking to and from grocery stores and medical appointments. Photo Credit: DennisM2...

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Questioning the necessities – Owning a car

Owning a car, car sharing, car, having a car, buying a car
Growing up, I lived the rural lifestyle. I believed that part of becoming an adult was owning my own car. Often, owning a car makes a log of sense in a rural setting. Sporadic transit and long distances between amenities can make car ownership logical. Now I live in the city, and as part of a growing urban population, the necessity of owning a car is something that can seriously be questioned. Costs...

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Posted in: Minimalism and Frugality, Philosophy

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