5 Cheap Hacks to Prepare for a Baby in the Family

preparing for a baby, cheap stuff for baby, frugal living for a baby
I think we can all agree. Getting ready for baby is expensive for an entire family not just the parents. It takes a village right? Sure, the parents get a lot of stuff from a shower, but it’s really not in good taste to have a show for every baby. So what to do when you’re not willing to spend the bulk of your savings or income on procreating? Think outside the box and hack it! Because...

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How to Make Room for a Planned or Unplanned Baby in the Big City

Make Room for a Planned or Unplanned Baby, pregnancy, city life
One of the most expensive chosen undertakings in life. Yet regardless of the expense. People still keep doing it. And doing it. 😛 While others choose life without children to avoid unwanted change and guarantee financial stability. But honestly we can never 100% predict what will happen or what we’ll want in the future. I used to be a member of the second camp. I never planned to have kids....

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