5 Cheap Hacks to Prepare for a Baby in the Family

I think we can all agree.

Getting ready for baby is expensive for an entire family not just the parents.

It takes a village right?

Sure, the parents get a lot of stuff from a shower, but it’s really not in good taste to have a show for every baby. So what to do when you’re not willing to spend the bulk of your savings or income on procreating?

Think outside the box and hack it!

Because really, we don’t need all that stuff that advertisements say we need. And if you get creative, hacks can look super unique.

So, here’s a compilation of the top 5 cheap hacks for baby I’ve found in my travels around the web.

5 Cheap Hacks for Baby

1. The CoSleeper

This convertible Ikea crib makes the top of the list for sure – especially for small spaces. Living in a one bedroom apartment will be possible with this co-sleeper.

And best of all it can be transitioned to a regular crib once we upgrade to a two bedroom home. The cost? Amazing, $69.99, and the wood is perfect for painting. Paint it and this project will likely cost you tops $90. Score.

(And when the kids grow out of it? Perfect desk.)

Photo via Soul Mother

Photo via Soul Mother

2. The College Furniture Update

Bunch of old random furniture? Transform it into something “new” with stencils or paint. And use unisex colors and themes to pass down to future children.

This is an awesome baby gift idea – who doesn’t have a few old pieces from Ikea that could be spruced up and given away? Since you only need paint this project will probably cost you less than $20.


Photo via Pinja Colada

Photo via Pinja Colada


3. The Cloth Diapers

When I first saw cloth diapers I gagged. You’re not alone if you had that reflex, so here’s some instruction on how to clean them. But think about it – the cost of diapers throughout a child’s life is CRIMINAL.

Disposable diapers cost nearly $100 per month. Dump that in a High Yield Savings Account and you could have a nice starter college fund after 4 years – but I digress.

Cloth diapers have made a big comeback. There are a bunch of different brands selling them. And best of all, invest in a nice set and you can use them for other children. Cloth diapers usually cost under $50 for a set.



Photo via Small Notebook


4. The Diaper Bag Any Bag

What’s a diaper bag other than a “special bag” with tons of compartments. Skip the bag all together and purchase pouches like pencil holders for cheap.

This will turn any bag that you have (or that’s on sale) into a diaper bag. Cool right? And this hack could work for any other baby space that you need to organize. Don’t buy a whole new contraption or piece of furniture. Try organizing the new baby knick knacks in what you currently have. Purchasing some fun pouches should cost you less than $10 from Walmart or a dollar store.


Photo Via All Four Love

Photo Via All Four Love


5. The Treasure from Trash

So what about the other stuff? The toys, books, games, strollers – the endless list of stuff you must buy for a child. Don’t buy it new unless you absolutely can’t find it used elsewhere. The sheer volume of old baby stuff littering people’s home is money saved for you.

Reach out to your social network for items that people are no longer using. And of course look to Craigslist. Giving a makeover to old items often turn out more unique than a store bought item. Painting, refinishing, or cleaning a used item should cost you less than $100.


Photo via Nimi Design

Photo via Nimi Design


There you have it! My top 5 hacks for baby. Do you have any hacks I didn’t include? Share below!


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