How to Make Room for a Planned or Unplanned Baby in the Big City

Make Room for a Planned or Unplanned Baby, pregnancy, city life
One of the most expensive chosen undertakings in life. Yet regardless of the expense. People still keep doing it. And doing it. 😛 While others choose life without children to avoid unwanted change and guarantee financial stability. But honestly we can never 100% predict what will happen or what we’ll want in the future. I used to be a member of the second camp. I never planned to have kids....

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Why not to have children… ever

not to have children, not having kids
From the time I was about 8 years old, I’ve been pretty adamant about not having children. As a child, I even disliked baby toys. Especially those creepy dolls with the eyes that closed when you lie them down. :S Flash forward to present-day me. I still have absolutely no desire to pass on my genes. A few years ago, my friend was 28 and she was desperate to find a husband and pass on her genes...

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