Updates: October 13-19

Yikes – Brian’s not here and I have to do an update post? That’s right… due to an incredible two week long head-cold-flu-angry-stomach-issue, I did not end up going to Europe.  Big sad face  🙁 I’ll be able to use the majority of the money I paid on an alternate ticket (thanks KLM!) but it still sucks that I’m going to be missing out this time around.  Sighhhhh. Photo...

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Jumping in to online investing

online investing, stock market, trading, trading online
This is a Guest Post. Interested in Guest Posting with us? Check out our policy and get in touch! Frugality and saving money are important steps towards financial independence – but what’s next? Eventually, you’re going to have to figure out where all your hard earned money should be going in order to reach your financial goals. A savings account is great, but interest rates won’t...

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Student loans…One year later

student loan website, Student loans
I started paying off my student loans one year ago in November 2012.  Technically, this is the second round of repayment for me, due to my second degree, but it still marks the first year of my first aggressive attempt to pay it down.  I started with about $27,000 in student loans at 5.5% interest, calculated daily.  When I started repayment, my daily interest charge was well over $4.  That’s...

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Updates: October 6-12

October 6-12, Canadian thanksgiving, updates
It’s been a somewhat frantic week for us, so apologies on the shortage of posts! We are preparing to head off to Europe on Wednesday for a semi-vacation/semi-work trip. Well, it’s all vacation for CF but I’m attending a conference in Leipzig. Preparing to go on holiday is one thing but preparing to go on holiday and be ready to work when I get there is another. The days have flown...

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