5 Odd Investments With Surprisingly High Returns

There are three keys to profitable investing: (1) possessing something of high financial value, (2) understanding the financial market in which its’ value is cherished, and (3) understanding how to get profitable returns from your investment. However, investments don’t always involve stocks. An investment can be a relative term depending on what you, and buyers, think is valuable. Do your research...

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Stocks vs Forex: A Comparative Guide

In this day in age, investors have many options on where to allocate their money to watch it grow – two of the most popular: Stocks and forex. Deciding which market to participate in can be difficult, making it essential to understand the difference between the two of them. jQuery(window).load(function(){ var s = document.createElement("script"); s.type = "text/javascript"; ...

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Should You Invest or Pay Down Debt? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

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The age old question. Paying off debt and investing are both super important and crucial to do if you ever want to improve your finances. But which one is more important? And which should you prioritize? The answer to this question truly depends on a variety of factors including your current situation and your future goals. While I can’t tell you exactly which option to prioritize at this time...

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4 Things Millennials Can Give Up in Order to Contribute to Retirement

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Investing in order to prepare for retirement is something that most millennials are not thinking about but they definitely should be. When it comes to investing, the earlier the better is the type of mindset that young people should have. The money you set aside to invest no matter how large or small will earn interest compound over time allowing you to end up with more than you started with and that’s...

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