Updates: October 6-12

It’s been a somewhat frantic week for us, so apologies on the shortage of posts! We are preparing to head off to Europe on Wednesday for a semi-vacation/semi-work trip. Well, it’s all vacation for CF but I’m attending a conference in Leipzig. Preparing to go on holiday is one thing but preparing to go on holiday and be ready to work when I get there is another. The days have flown by and I only have one more work day before we leave, since it’s Canadian Thanksgiving!

Our turkey from past years

Our turkey from past years

One of the standard errands before heading overseas is to visit the currency exchange store. We have found after numerous trips, that some currency exchange specialty stores are actually better deals than changing money at the bank. Anyone else have this experience? Where do you get the best rate on exchanging money? The particular store I go to is always packed with people buying and selling gold and silver coins or buying up USD at a good rate. It’s always an interesting trip. Sadly, the Canadian Dollar is pretty terrible right now, so it wasn’t the frugal experience I was hoping for.

So, in honor of the turkey holiday I hope you’re catching up with friends and family and maybe enjoying a turkey or two. Or acting like it’s a regular weekend because you live in the US! Enjoy the reads!

  • Stop Worrying About Money explains how soap nuts have made buying laundry detergent unnecessary.
  • Staying on Budget shares a simple recipe to create ‘pumpkin pie spice’. I just have a silly jingle in my head which helps me remember “cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, cloves!” Doesn’t work so well when you can’t hear it in my head, so just read the recipe…
  • Liquid Independence might be one of the guys standing in line at the currency and bullion shop…he’s buying more gold!

Have a great long weekend!

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