Don’t Let the Thanksgiving Travel Rush Overwhelm You – Save Money With These Rental Car Tips

  (Image by Matt Davis via CC BY-SA 2.0 ) About 5 million people will fly somewhere over the Thanksgiving holiday. However, almost 50 million people will get into a vehicle and then drive over the Thanksgiving holiday. Over 50 million people will travel 50 miles or more to get to their Thanksgiving destination. So, get ready to pay when it comes to gasoline. The national average for a gallon...

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How to Give Thanks to Someone

giving thanks, thanksgiving, thankful
Happy Thanksgiving to all the American readers! The meaning behind Thanksgiving is something everyone should acknowledge whether you celebrate the holiday or not. It’s a great time to meet up with loved ones, eat together and share everything that you are thankful for in life. Sometimes life gets busy and we forget to show gratitude for the little things in life and appreciate what we have. If there’s...

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Updates: October 6-12

October 6-12, Canadian thanksgiving, updates
It’s been a somewhat frantic week for us, so apologies on the shortage of posts! We are preparing to head off to Europe on Wednesday for a semi-vacation/semi-work trip. Well, it’s all vacation for CF but I’m attending a conference in Leipzig. Preparing to go on holiday is one thing but preparing to go on holiday and be ready to work when I get there is another. The days have flown...

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Updates: September 30 – October 6

This week’s update blurb is brought to you by CF!  Lots of stuff happening in my life so thought I’d share and tell.   Real estate empire here I come… Brian and I have made some good headway into our master plan.  Have you guessed the big news?  We bought a new condo!  This is our second real estate purchase and its mine all mine… *hysterical laughter*  We’re...

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