What are the top 10 side jobs?

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For many years, I’ve worked two or more jobs to make a bit of extra money, pay down a bit of debt, or to gain some experience in a field.  When I was a full time student, there were days where I’d finish working in the lab at 5pm, only to rush off and work a 6 hour shift in retail.  Yikes!  Until just recently, Brian would do something similar – work 8 hours at his office job then rush off...

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Updates: September 8 – 14

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Well, that was sure a busy week. Apologies for the lack of posting around here – I’ve forgotten how much time school takes up, on top of working full time. CF has also been working consecutive 12 hour days, which leaves little opportunity for writing! Photo credit via Flickr I’m back at class today and then enjoying what’s left of our summer with an orienteering race tomorrow...

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Should I buy Canadian Oil Sands for my TFSA?

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I’ve started getting itchy to make a new purchase for my TFSA again.  I have a bit of cash sitting in my Questrade account, and damn it… it’s not making me money! Right now, my TFSA holdings consist of: BMO.TO – 57% RSI.TO – 15% SLF.TO – 28% BMO and Sunlife are both very high right now, which makes me reluctant to add more shares.  Rogers Sugar is basically flat and I have...

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Updates: September 1 – 7

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Today I’m doing something I haven’t officially done in 5 years; Go to school. That’s right, I’m taking a continuing studies certificate program at one of the local colleges. After reading Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses post about going back to school, it seems like it’s a topic on a lot of people’s mind. My course is only two terms and has class every Saturday...

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