Grocery Budget Motivation #3

Grocery Budget, meal planning, budgeting
Ever since the broken fridge incident, Brian and I have been attempting to rebuild our fridge and freezer supplies. But at the same time, we haven’t increased our grocery budget, so it’s been hard stocking up on things.  The freezer is still so sad looking!  But we are making progress slowly and still making sure to eat a well-balanced diet. Photo Credit: psd via Flickr For new readers,...

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Tips for Understanding Personal Injury and the Law

Personal Injury and the Law, lawsuit
This is a Guest Post. If you’re interested in guest posting, check out our policy! Personal injury is something that an increasing number of people have probably heard of in recent years. This is because laws relating to personal injury have enabled those who’ve suffered some sort of injury to claim compensation in some cases. There are now many specialists who deal with personal injury law, enabling...

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Being a good Craigslist buyer

good Craigslist buyer, Craigslist, buyer, seller
Recently, I’ve been helping a friend get rid of some stuff on Craigslist.  I’ve always been pretty good at selling things on Craigslist and for the most part, it’s easy.  Listing is free, browsing is free, and Craigslist takes care of anonymizing your email for you.  I like it better than eBay because it’s local and you don’t have to bother with shipping.  But at some point,...

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