Tips for Understanding Personal Injury and the Law

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Personal injury is something that an increasing number of people have probably heard of in recent years. This is because laws relating to personal injury have enabled those who’ve suffered some sort of injury to claim compensation in some cases. There are now many specialists who deal with personal injury law, enabling those who have fallen victim to this sort of injury to make a claim.

Photo credit via Flickr

Photo credit via Flickr

While some of the details relating to personal injury and the law can be quite in-depth, there are some basics that you should be aware of. This will make you aware of when personal injury laws may apply in case you fall victim to possible personal injury in the future.

Key facts about personal injury

If you fall victim to personal injury, you may be entitled to claim compensation. Below are some key facts about personal injury, which can help you to better understand what it is and how it ties in with the law.

  • When can a personal injury claim legally be made? You may be able to make a claim for pain, suffering and financial losses if you have been injured as the result of negligence of a third party. It is usually best to contact a specialist in the field to run through the details in order to get a better idea of whether you have the right to claim.
  • Do claims have to be made within a certain time to comply with law? There is a time limit on claims in order to comply with the law. In most cases, you have to make your claim within three years from the date of the incident or injury. It is best to get the claim made earlier to ensure you do not miss the deadline and while the matter is still fresh in your mind.
  • How much compensation will be paid? When you take legal action over a personal injury, the amount of compensation can vary based on the injury and circumstances. Therefore, this is something that is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • What are the legal implications of claiming for a personal injury at work? If you suffer a personal injury at work, you have the right to take the same action as you would if you had suffered the injury elsewhere. Remember, compensation will not come out of your manager’s pocket – it is dealt with by the company’s insurance provider so there is no need for you to feel as though you shouldn’t claim.

Of course, there are many other questions you may have when it comes to personal injury and the law, as this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you do feel that you have suffered a personal injury as the result of the negligence of another party, even if it is your own employer, it is advisable to contact a specialist lawyer to find out where you stand legally.

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