My $300 rice cooker

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Growing up in an Asian family, I always used rice cookers.  I never even considered cooking rice in a pot (who cooks rice in a POT?!) until my late teens when my white friends cheerfully informed me that they *always* cooked rice in a pot.  I was aghast.  Rice cookers are marvelous inventions.  You just add a scoop or two of rice, a scoop or two of water (depending on the type of rice!) and hit...

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Updates: September 22 – 28

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It may still be September in Canada, but it’s Oktoberfest in Germany! The annual festival kicked off in Munich last weekend and tonight we’ll be doing our best to recreate the atmosphere at the local German cultural centre. Why is it called Oktoberfest if it takes place mostly in September? Turns out that “Oktoberfest” is really only called that outside of Germany. To the locals...

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Doing the little things to save money

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I used to scoff at people who claimed that they didn’t have time to do the little things to save money.  No time?  Don’t be ridiculous – I am a multitasker!  I wash Ziploc bags and search for the best deals on produce and ALWAYS take my lunch to work.  Then I got a job that actually meant something to me… and all my good intentions went down the drain. When things get complicated,...

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Top 10 Side Jobs – #9: Special Events Customer Service

Special Events Customer Service, usher, sports events
Welcome to a new ten part series at the Outlier Model on the Top 10 Side Jobs available to the average person.  Please check out our intro post and tune in every Wednesday as we count down to #1! Next at #9 on our list of Top 10 Side Jobs is special events customer service.  Think about all the sporting events, concerts and festivals that happen in your city.  People are needed to take tickets,...

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