Doing the little things to save money

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I used to scoff at people who claimed that they didn’t have time to do the little things to save money.  No time?  Don’t be ridiculous – I am a multitasker!  I wash Ziploc bags and search for the best deals on produce and ALWAYS take my lunch to work.  Then I got a job that actually meant something to me… and all my good intentions went down the drain. When things get complicated,...

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Things to Consider When Moving In With Your Partner

Moving In With Your Partner, moving in, living in together, living in, live-in partners
This is a guest post. If you’re interested in guest posting with us, read our policy. About a year ago I moved into my partner’s apartment. It’s only a small place, but we are very happy together – there are a lot of financial advantages to moving in together! I knew it would be a big change of lifestyle, but nothing can really prepare you for exactly how it is going to be. I thought I...

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Selling items effectively on Craigslist

Selling items effectively, selling, craigslist, seller
Brian and I got rid of a lot of items prior to our move to the new condo.  One of the reasons was practical – we simply didn’t have the room in the new place to keep everything!  A lesser but equally important reason – we wanted to pare down on the number of items that we had.  But what to do with all our crap?  There was furniture, books, clothes… even a electric blue...

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