Updates: March 31 – April 6

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Guess what? It’s time for another Davis Cup weekly update! Thanks to Canada beating Spain a few months ago, we’re into the Quarter Finals this weekend. Somehow, Vancouver struck the jackpot again – not only is Canada hosting the tie, it’s in Vancouver again. This time, I didn’t pass up the opportunity to grab tickets. I’ll be heading there tomorrow, and after each...

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Selling items effectively on Craigslist

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Brian and I got rid of a lot of items prior to our move to the new condo.  One of the reasons was practical – we simply didn’t have the room in the new place to keep everything!  A lesser but equally important reason – we wanted to pare down on the number of items that we had.  But what to do with all our crap?  There was furniture, books, clothes… even a electric blue...

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5 Money Tips for College Students

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Start an emergency fund Having an emergency fund is a must for anyone, but starting while you’re still in college gives you a good start.  By keeping a bit of money in a savings account, you won’t have to go into debt for small, unexpected bills and you will have a nice starting point to build on for after you graduate. Photo Credit: Lawrence OP via Flickr   Startingan emergency fund in college...

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