I am an introvert

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It’s common to hear people describe themselves as being introverted or extroverted.  The Myers-Briggs personality analysis first introduced the terms Introversion and extroversion into popular usage, and suggested that each person has extroverted and introverted aspects.  Modern usage tends to be a bit different.  When people say that they are extroverted, they generally mean that they are...

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Updates: April 21 – 27

New Zealand trip, trip to New Zealand, NZ, personal finance blogs, personal finance articles, financial articles, financial blogs
After a quick jaunt to the southern hemisphere, I’m back! I had a great time (when I wasn’t stuck in a convention centre working) and had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger NZ Muse. Thanks for meeting up with me, even when your wedding is less than two weeks away! I am sure it will go smoothly and then you’ll be off to travel the world. I’m kind of jealous. NZ Muse exposed...

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Managing risk with the right amount of insurance

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Ask people to think of buying insurance and for many people, the stereotypically sleazy and unscrupulous door-to-door salesman comes to mind. This person might sell you insurance, sure.  But they’ll probably sell you more than you need, fleece you with unmanageable premiums and add so many conditions and stipulations that you would never be able to collect your money at all!  Right?  Well,...

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Hey, we got new tenants!

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I am super happy to announce that Brian and I were able to find new tenants for the rental condo.  They just officially signed the rental agreement and handed over their deposit yesterday morning.  I was a bit concerned when our previous tenants gave notice but looks like everything is going to work out just fine! Sunny apartment All in all, the transition will cost us about $500: $25 for the credit...

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