Updates: April 21 – 27

After a quick jaunt to the southern hemisphere, I’m back! I had a great time (when I wasn’t stuck in a convention centre working) and had the pleasure of meeting fellow blogger NZ Muse. Thanks for meeting up with me, even when your wedding is less than two weeks away! I am sure it will go smoothly and then you’ll be off to travel the world. I’m kind of jealous.

NZ Muse exposed me to some of the best cookies I’ve ever had from Moustache and a very pleasant walk through Albert Park, chatting about life. A good end to my week before getting on a 14 hour flight. The flight was a little more eventful than usual as the pilot informed us on our descent that they had had an issue with one of the engines and were forced to shut it down. So, we made a one engine landing, accompanied by a fire truck in case our brakes got too hot. If the pilot hadn’t said anything, I’m not sure I would have even noticed a difference. Big planes like that can fly on one engine for an extended period of time, so I didn’t really feel too much stress about the whole experience.

The Auckland fish market, where I had fish and chips for lunch

The Auckland fish market, where I had fish and chips for lunch

Now that I’m back in town, I’m taking the rest of the month off to prepare the condo for our new tenants. Today’s activity – painting prep!

If you have some free time this weekend, check out some of the posts I read this week.


Thanks to everyone who included us this week!

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